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Check out Downtown Pomona's Art walk this weekend, every 2nd saturday of the month.
Eksobition Gallery Proudly Presents The Work Of Jonas Lynch.

Jonas Lynch was born in Wheatridge, Colorado on June 11, 1980. Shortly after, Jonas moved to Northwest Iowa where he was raised until 1998. When he was 18, Jonas moved to Long Beach California to attend school for graphic design.
It was when Jonas was 9 years old that he found his love with art. He started by recreating the logos of sports teams and other subjects that evolved around professional sports. Jonas only drew pictures of sports images for years following.
Jonas was introduced to Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch at age 16, which tore him away from drawing the sports images. One year later Jonas graduated high school from LeMars Community High School. Three months later, Jonas moved to Long Beach California in 1998. He moved to California to learn graphic design at Brooks College. After graduating in May, 2000, Jonas designed apparel for many NCAA universities and all four branches of the military. This lasted for 5 years, when he decided to try something different. Within this 5 years, Jonas started to be an active artist by way of live painting. He took multiple trips to San Diego to live paint during performances by Al Howard & the K23 Orchestra. This move to face his nervous tendencies and live paint re-sparked his love of art. This phase of his art lasted maybe 4 years before he found his signature.
Jonas Lynch