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The objective of the JustRight Project is to raise awareness to the youth about the current poverty in the Philippines and to raise money to build homes for families with the harshest living conditions. All profits will be donated to the ANCOP Foundation (USA) Inc. to build homes in the Aytona Village in Sorsogon Province, Philippines. It only takes $2,300 to build a long-standing home in the village that is passed on from generation to generation. The Aytona Village consists of land donated by the Aytona family (personal friends of DJ Jay-P’s family) with a plan to build a village and a farm for the future livelihood of the villagers. The beneficiaries of the homes are families described to be the poorest of the poor, most with five or more family members and only one working provider. The village is built by volunteers consisting of engineers and construction workers who will work in hand with the locals strengthening the closeness of the community expressed as “bayanihan” in the native language. So far the Aytona family received pledges to build over 20 homes, a park, a multipurpose room, and a pre-school through their own fundraisers. Third Floor Network along with DJ Jay-P is aiding in raising money for more houses by launching the JustRight Project.